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We have a broad experience of both designing and creating DJ booth and dance floor sections. It doesn't matter if it is a redesign or a matter of a brand new club, we will present one or more attractive solutions for you to choose from. We also can help you with musical concepts for your club, specially adapted for your audience. No matter is too small or too large for us.

These are some of the places Reecoy Entertainment been working at:

Nightwing @ Sunwing Åre, Sweden
Snäck, Visby, Sweden
Klubb Elektra @ Hotell Lappland, Lycksele, Sweden
Gutekällaren, Visby, Sweden
Henry´s, Visby, Sweden
M/S Anna Karenina, Baltic Express Line, The Baltic Sea
M/S Visby, Gotlandsbolaget, The Baltic Sea

We have put together a top 40, with what we consider the best club dance hits ever. It has not been updated for a while.
Reecoy Ent. Top 40pdf document


Here is some charts that we used to publish before, due to lack of interest from both record labels and visitors we stopped the publishing by the end of 2001. Each document contains the charts for the whole year:
  1996pdf document1997pdf document1998pdf document1999pdf document2000pdf document2001pdf document

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