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About the company

Company Name:
Reecoy Entertainment
Founded: 1989
Owner: Magnus Götherström
City: Visby
State: Gotland
Country: Sweden

Over 20 years in the service and tourist business
Over 10 years in the media business

Work task include:
Photographing, writing, producing, broadcasting, entertaining and discjockeing (both resident and single act)

Restaurant Supervisor, Purser, Head of Bar and Head Waiter
Sweden, Cyprus, Lebanon, Russia

Nikon D800
Nikon F4
lenses (mm): 20, 28, 35-70, 105, 70-200, 300
Canon Power Shot A620
Contributed with images in books and CD-covers

Voices, recording equipment and sfx-archive
News and entertainment  programs

2 x Technics 1200, Denon 2600F, mixers, mics and all other kind of essential gear
Archive contains well over 5000 records, both vinyl and cd

Laptop, pen and paper
Publish texts in magazines and academical articles

Please, do not hesitate to contact us (by mail) for further information

We love to entertain you!


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