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We can help you with general music layout for your radio station or creating a concept for one or several programs. We are experienced in studio design so layout for a good work situation is no problem for us. We can also provide help and tips on equipment and work flows in the studio. Just contact us and we will give you an offer you can't resist.

These are the stations Reecoy Entertainment involved in.

Just Radio, Visby, Sweden
During autum 2005 we produced and brodcasted a show on the local radio station Just Radio. The show was called "Klubbad" and aired on Sundays at 6 to 8 pm local time.

Radio Four, Visby, Sweden
The first local commercial radio station on Gotland. We produced and broadcasted the program "Eter".

Radio Gute, Visby, Sweden
This station was the predecessor of Radio Four. We produced and broadcasted mainly a program called lunchtimmen.

LIME FM, Visby, Sweden
The station aired for two days only, it was shut down by the government blaiming the station to be too comercial. (a few years later Sweden allowed commercial radio, as the last country in Europe... and almost in the world).

Radio Malish, Naqoura, Lebanon
The station served as information for peacekeeping soldiers, see for more information. 

On LIME FM we served as technicians, on Radio Malish we worked as chief technician and radio jockeys, on Radio Gute and Radio Four we worked as radio jockeys.

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